The Dardanelle Police Department serves as the law enforcement branch of government for the City of Dardanelle. The aim of the Dardanelle Police Department is to provide peace, order and security while we keep a watchful eye over our city and the citizens who live within. Because it is our goal to achieve excellence, the Dardanelle Police Department is dedicated to the training of its officers by continuously refreshing in their minds what has been learned, while also keeping informed of newest technologies and information available to assist us in every aspect of our duties. The Dardanelle Police Department is dedicated to the Service and Protection of our citizens and continuously looks for ways to improve.

The “Public Safety” facility itself is located on state Highway 22 in Dardanelle, Arkansas. The facility houses both the Dardanelle Police Department and the Dardanelle Fire Department. The Dardanelle Police Department is open twenty four (24) hours a day and seven days a week throughout the entire year for the convenience of the citizens of Dardanelle. The Dardanelle Police Department houses a 911 Emergency Call System, which also act as a back-up system for Yell County. The facility dispatches for the Dardanelle Police Department and the Dardanelle Fire Department and can transfer any other calls to the department for which they are intended. The “Public Safety” facility is also equipped with an FAA approved landing pad for the landing of emergency medical transport helicopters such as Air-Evac, Angel One, and others.

The Dardanelle Police Department is headed by Chief of Police Montie L. Sims. Chief Sims has held the position of Chief of Police since 1984. After 28 years of service in this capacity, Chief Sims remains dedicated to his steadfast goal of maintaining excellence in the department. Through these years Chief Sims has created and maintained an “Open Door” policy so that he remains available to the public, as well as the officers within the Dardanelle Police Department.

The Dardanelle Police has, and maintains, nine (9) other sworn officers who act under the Chief’s command. These are Capt. Larry Rogers, Sgt. Christopher Thompson, Cpl.  Morrie Hopper, Cpl. Chuck Phillips,  Ptl. Jesse Keeling, and Ptl. Jacqlynn Fregia, Ptl. Josh Smith.  Sgt. Kieth Lunsford serves as Criminal Investigator. Ptl. Lonnie Moore is our School Resource Officer and also works in the patrol division during the off school months. In addition to the officers the Dardanelle Police Department employees seven (7) Civilian Personnel which encompass the Chief’s Administrative Secretary, Evidence Officer, and radio operators. The Dardanelle Police Department also maintains positions for ten (10) Auxiliary Officers.